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Jamaica International Special Economic Zone

Jamaica International Free Zone Development Ltd (JIFZ) located at Newport West Kingston, is a Special Economic Zone Developer. JIFZ is a subsidiarity of the Port Authority of Jamaica which holds […]

IBHS International, LLC

IBHS International LLC (“IBHS LLC”) is a privately-owned company that was established in 2015. IBHS LLC supports its parent company, Infinity Behavioural Health Services (IBHS) via its operations centre in […]

Olympic Sports Data Services Limited

Olympic Sports Data Services Ltd  is a private limited liability company that falls in the quaternary sector. The company was incorporated in 1996 and has been in operations since. The […]

National Credit Adjusters

National Credit Adjusters, LLC (NCA) offers Business Process Outsourcing services in Jamaica from the Montego Bay Special Economic Zone. NCA specializes in administration of delinquent receivables for a variety of […]

Montego Bay Special Economic Zone

The Montego Bay Special Economic Zone is the leading cluster of BPO operations in Jamaica and a hub for commercial and industrial investments contributing significantly to socio-economic development and the […]

Kingston Free Zone Limited

Ideally located within an extra-territorial facility adjacent to the Port of Kingston, the Kingston Free Zone Limited was established to accommodate international investments seeking to locate operations to a pro-business […]

Jamsol Technologies Limited

Jamsol Technologies Limited is a technology-based manufacturer and reseller of electronics and electrical products. The company was incorporated on May 3, 2018 and is a SEZ Occupant within the Kingston […]

ISOCON- JLB International Limited

ISOCON-JBL International Limited is an innovative project that brought together two entities JLB International Ltd and ISOCON Engineering to develop an ISO-standard “food-grade” facility for the leasing, storage, repairing, cleaning, […]

Total Trading Limited

Total Trading Limited (TTL) was incorporated as a partnership with to increase the supply of energy efficient products in Jamaica. Total Trading seeks to capitalize on the growing market for […]

Quenpro International Company Limited

Quenpro International Ltd was incorporated in March 2015, with its primary  business being the exporting of ground provisions and seasonal fruits to the US, Canada and England. Located with the […]

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