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Sustainable Building and Development Guidelines

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are categorically considered engines of growth. However, in today’s realities sustainability has become one of the largest issues for growth, as such the development of SEZs in Jamaica are to be guided and regulated in a sustainable way.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlights ecological, economic and socio-cultural considerations as essential areas for consideration and therefore SEZ Jamaica aspires for sustainability to be applied through the life cycle of the development of the special economic zone. This is referred to in part by SEZ Jamaica as Sustain-a-Livity which embodies sustainable development in harmony in a natural world and living faith.

The Sustain-a-Livity within the context of building and development includes, but is not limited to:

  • Planning, subdivision layout and organization,
  • Architectural design, character and materials,
  • Access and movement,
  • Water, storm water and wastewater systems,
  • Lighting and energy systems,
  • Construction management,
  • Technical and socio-cultural aspects all incorporating sustainability approaches.

The Authority aims to promote sustainable competitive SEZs that foster integration into the global supply chain and provides a platform for new industries to emerge as well as providing scope for the integration of traditional industries into the global value chain.  As such the Authority has authored an SEZ Building and Development Guidelines which is centred around local development laws and regulations as well as in alignment with the SDGs.

The basic objective of suggesting these guidelines for the development of Special Economic Zones in Jamaica is to provide a basis for taking decisions and to promote “green”/sustainable approaches. The suggested guidelines are indicative and can be suitably modified depending upon the type of industry.

Promoting a holistic approach to development the SEZ Building and Development Guidelines allows the transparency which all project stakeholders (sponsors, developers, owners, planners, occupants, zone users, and investors) and other market players need. The guidelines can be used to identify and recognize outstanding planning achievements in the field of sustainable building. The guide takes a comprehensive view of the entire life cycle of buildings, giving equal consideration to ecological, economic, and sociocultural qualities as well as technical and process aspects. It reflects international developments in the field of standardization and other initiatives related to sustainable building and development.

It will be incorporated with local standards at all phases of development.