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The Caribbean Institute of Pharmacy Policy Practice and Research (CIPPAR) Partners with Swiss Life Sciences Company to Develop Prototypes

The Caribbean Institute of Pharmacy Policy Practice and Research (CIPPPAR) announced today the signing of a Cooperative Development Agreement (CDA) with Swiss Life Sciences company, Cloud 9 Switzerland (Cloud 9). CIPPPAR will develop herbal remedy formulations and prototypes for Cloud 9, The Swiss Company will register and commercialize the products in Jamaica and on the global market.

Lead pharmacist and Founder of CIPPPAR, Dr. Ellen Campbell Grizzle, Associate Professor in the College of Health Sciences at the University of Technology, Jamaica said,” This is a breakthrough agreement for us. We are starting with formulations in two product categories and we hope this will lead to more developments with additional resources.

The story of the development of CIPPPAR’s partnership with Cloud 9 is an interesting example of symbiotic vision.  Dr. Francis Scanlan, a chemist and founder of Cloud 9, grew to love Jamaica during time spent on the island as an employee of an international corporation. He had long cherished a desire to develop herbal remedies that are uniquely Jamaican. By chance, Dr. Scanlan met Dr. Grizzle and learning of his expertise and interest, she invited him to become a guest lecturer on a Medical Cannabis short course for pharmacists. He volunteered. This relationship eventually led to establishment of a short-term cooperative development agreement to fund product formulation development and initiate their registration in Jamaica.

According to Dr. Scanlan, “Cloud 9 shares a vision and enthusiasm with CIPPPAR for the development of therapeutic products from Jamaican medicinal plants. We envisage national and global opportunities for this venture and this is a very important start.”

Cloud 9 Switzerland based in Lugano Switzerland is a life sciences company offering both premium hemp/cannabis nutraceuticals for the wellness market and pharmaceuticals for the medical market. Core to our philosophy is to harness the positive virtues of medicinal plants to provide a healthy balanced lifestyle and improved quality of life for our patients and consumers. We put the wellbeing and health of consumers and patients at the centre of our business strategy and cater to their needs with innovative first mover consumer packaged goods and medicines for specific health disorders.

CIPPPAR was established in 2009 by Alumni of the UTech, Jamaica’s pharmacy training programme. It engages in the brokering of policies, offers short courses and engages in research aimed at developing pharmaceutical solutions. CIPPPAR manages the UTech Pharmacy Alumni (UPA)

Contact CIPPPAR at cippparorg@gmail.com or visit www.cipppar.org.

Source: https://ww2.cap-pharmacists.com/2020/09/19/cipppar-partners-with-swiss-life-sciences-company-to-develop-prototypes/

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