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Sustain-a-Livity: Celebrating UN development goals, the Jamaican way!

DUBAI, 18 MAY 2021. Evening aerial view of Al Wasl, Expo 2020 Dubai. (Photo by Dany Eid/Expo 2020 Dubai)

Global Goals Show at Dubai World Expo makes collective push for an enhanced and more fair future for all by 2030

By Rupali Dean

A Global Goals Week at World Expo 2020 Dubai brought the realm together to push collective development towards UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for an enhanced and more fair future for all by 2030.

Vibrant projections and a dialogue by the UN Deputy Secretary-General at Al Wasl Plaza, the core of Expo 2020 Dubai, marked the lead of the Global Goals Week ended Jan 22 – the yearly event’s opening time leaving the UN General Assembly in New York City.

Kande, a British born Jamaican student, now living in the UAE, released her first novel, ‘Going Home: Diary of a Teenage Alien,’ last November, which is already making headlines.

She was the freshest of all the other flag bearers that included top CEOs at the inaugural ritual and was the flag bearer for the 14th Goal: Life Below Water.

United evolution for the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals strengthens Expo’s newest Theme Week, held in link with the UN.

The Jamaica Pavilion during SDG Week marked and celebrated the Global Goals by endorsing a distinctive Jamaican concept of Sustain-a-Livity.

Sustain-a-Livity is an select Jamaican notion incorporated by the Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority that syndicates two words: Sustainable and Livity.

Sustainable: Congregating the needs of the present without negotiating the aptitude of upcoming generations to gather their needs.
Livity: Is the Rastafari conception of virtuous living. Its essence is the understanding that an energy, or life force, bestowed by Jah (God), endures within, and streams through, all peoples and all existing things. Livity has a resilient focus on existing a natural regime.

“Tourism is one of the chief stimuluses of the SDGs. Our Countrywide Development Plan – Vision 2030 goals to encourage ecological tourism in Jamaica,” said Donovan White, Director of Tourism of Jamaica.

“It is intended not just to profit the country’s tourism industry, but also reserve its regular and edifying resources and kindle commercial growth for the broader domestic economy,” he added.

Ainsley Brown, Senior Director, Regulations, Policy, Monitoring & Enforcement at JSEZA stated, “Sustain-a-Livity is more than just a perception; it’s a sustainable way of existence that makes, as our National Development Plan – Vision 2030 says: Jamaica, top-notch place to do business, work, live and raise families.”

(Rupali Dean is a noted food and travel writer based out of India)


Source: https://www.americanbazaaronline.com/2022/01/29/sustain-a-livity-celebrating-un-development-goals-the-jamaican-way-448490/

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