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Stakeholder Participants Thankful for E-Commerce National Delivery System

Entrepreneurs who are now a part of the pilot phase of the E-Commerce National Delivery System (ENDS) programme, which kicked off in Portmore, St. Catherine over a week ago, are thanking the Government for rolling out the new initiative.

ENDS is a partnership between the Government and the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ).

The web-based ENDS system enables quick-service industry and delivery stakeholders registered on the platform, to operate during the coronavirus (COVID-19) curfew hours until midnight in Kingston, Portmore, St. Catherine, and Montego Bay, St. James, by facilitating online delivery orders only.

Numerous entrepreneurs say ENDS is helping them to recover from losses they incurred since the curfew measures were implemented in 2020.

Proprietor of Prendy’s on the Beach, Donette Prendergast, said the platform is serving to boost her business.

“Before that [ENDS], I used to just lockdown with everybody else. Now I’m able to bring smiles on persons’ faces,” she said.

Ms. Prendergast said the first weekend of the pilot was “great”, as she was still able to serve her customers during the curfew hours.

“It’s the way to go because COVID-19 will be here with us for a little while. So let us use ENDS to fight COVID-19 in terms of getting persons to have their needs met as best as we can,” she told JIS News.

Pan chicken vendor, Verol Scarlett, said it was easy for him to get on to the ENDS platform.

“You have to have your ID, your driver’s licence, or your passport, and if not, you have to have a photo to give to them, and your food handler’s permit,” he explained.

Mr. Scarlett also noted that ENDS has helped him to recover from losses incurred due to COVID-19.

“My business… slowed down completely; it [was] impossible to even pay the bills. So doing this [participating with ENDS], I think, will help me to do better,” he said.

The approved vendors for the first weekend of the ENDS pilot were: Restaurants of Jamaica, Pizza Hut International, Scoops Unlimited Limited, Dominoes, Wendy’s, Burger King, Popeye’s, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Juici Patties, Subway, Indulge YahCravings, Rotii Express Catering, Half Moon Bay, Turning Point, Cookies Restaurant, Endzone Sports Bar Lucky Crab, Relish Jerk & Seafood, Andre’s Seafood, Jolly’s Restaurant, Beach Spal, Texas Delicious, The Jungle Fiah, Voda Lounge, Richie’s Portobello Restaurant, Morgan Inn and Guess Hoos.

The registered e-commerce couriers who provided services on the weekend were: Urban Taxi and Tours, Dream Courier, Hello Food, 7Krave, Wilson’s Courier Service, Dash Express, Quick n Fast, Door to Door, Hastle Free Courier, DoorStep Jamaica (CutDiLine) and Scoops Unlimited.

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