Horizon Telesource (Jamaica) Limited

About this Company

Horizon Telesource (Jamaica) Limited is a Business Process Outsourcing company that was established in November 2015. The company is owned by Canadian Stephen Plummer. The company’s genesis arose out of call centre labour shortages in Toronto thus making it necessary to move operations overseas and Jamaica was deemed a suitable and ideal choice for relocation.  Horizon Telesource is now the exclusive provider of offshore call centre and utility transaction processing services for its client operations in Canada and the United States with Jamaica being the first offshore location providing these services.

Horizon is in the Cazoumar Special Economic Free Zone, where it’s business operation centre occupies 5,000 square feet with capacity for 90 call centre seats, 6 senior analysts, IT support and administrative staff. The business operations are heavily technology-dependent and are thus supported by a robust IT infrastructure which includes state of the art customer relationship management technology as well as complex recording technologies.

St. James
Montego Bay

1 – 3 Pimento Way, Suite B204, Cazoumar Special Economic Zone, Montego Bay, St. James

Authorized Representative
Mr. Stephen Plummer
Contact Detail
26 persons
Square Footage