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SEZ Certified Professionals

The SEZ Unplugged Workshops are held to bring together to provide insight about the Special Economic Zone regime, enabling ease in navigating investors’ access to benefits. These workshops help professionals such as attorneys-at-law, commissioned land surveyors, and business consultants to understand the requirements for SEZ approval and explore the possibilities in maximizing returns on special economic zone investments. The workshops serve to establish credible points of contact for prospective investors seeking information about the special economic zone benefits, application requirements and processes.

Luke Phillips

Company Name: Myers, Fletcher & Gordon Profession: Attorney – At – Law Telephone Number: (876) 995 – 1685 Email: luke.phillips@mfg.com.jm Website Link:  https://myersfletcher.com/
Company Name: Myers, Fletcher & Gordon Profession: Attorney – At – Law Telephone Number: (876) 822 – 6756 Email: jezeel.martin@mfg.com.jm Website Link:  https://myersfletcher.com/practice-areas/special-economic-zones/

Jezeel Martin

Renee McDonald-Lyn Shue

Company Name: Geode Management Solutions / Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Jamaica Profession: Project Manager / Real Estate Agent Telephone Number: (876) 898 – 4065 Email: renee@geodemanagement.com / rmcdonald@bhgjamaica.com Website Link:  https://geodemanagement.com/

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Dates
SEZ Unplugged Workshop (Kingston)
June 2024
SEZ Unplugged Workshop (Montego Bay)
October 2024


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Disclaimer: The following persons have successfully completed the JSEZA training programme. The programme certifies individuals who have participated in training sessions that cover the process of preparation for SEZ applications, SEZ policy, guidelines, and requirements. Engaging any certified individual does not guarantee the success of an SEZ application. SEZ applications will be considered on the merits of the documents and information provided in keeping with the law. The Authority does not guarantee the accuracy of any advice provided and is not liable for same. Please be guided accordingly.