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Manpower establishes new sales and distribution business

Cleaning and sanitation firm Manpower Group of Companies is launching a sales and distribution business to supply companies and retail outlets in need of medical equipment and sanitation products.

The new company, Manpower and Maintenance Sales and Distribution Limited, will be based on 14 Collins Green Avenue in Kingston and will open its doors on May 4, 2021, on Manpower’s 31st anniversary.

Manpower was founded by Audrey Hinchcliffe, who started her career in nursing and nursing administration.

Hinchcliffe told Loop News, “Because of the growth in sales and distribution, especially COVID-related products, we have had to be looking for extra space.”

She noted that the business expansion is in the area of product sales masks, gloves, gowns, some machinery and other supplies.

“We have identified sources of paper goods and chemicals and are able to bid for contracts at prices from which clients can benefit,” she added.

She said that the venture is a natural extension of Manpower Group, which has over 200 contracts with hospitals, business process outsourcing companies and other entities.

Manpower and Maintenance Sales and Distribution Limited is currently being renovated with new display areas designed being designed. The company is also developing a mobile delivery system.

Hinchcliffe said the business expansion is being done from savings, but that the group is also mulling listing one of its subsidiaries and working with consultants to possibly tap the equity markets for future funding.

She commented, “We thank our clients who have pushed this growth. COVID has given us the impetus to look at our business continuity plan.”

The cleaning expert said Manpower will also be producing a handbook on how to respond to COVID at the workplace. It will include protocols for cleaning and sanitization.

Source: https://jamaica.loopnews.com/content/manpower-establishes-new-sales-and-distribution-business

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