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Major Spending Planned For Upgrade Of Airports

A sum of more than US$200 million is to be spent over the period 2022 to 2025, for capital expenditure programmes at the nation’s international airports and aerodromes.

The activities will be undertaken by the Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ), and MBJ Airports Limited (MBJ) and PAC Kingston Airports Limited (PACKAL), operators of the Sangster International Airport (SIA) and the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA), respectively.

Some US$70 million is slated to be spent this financial year.

Minister of Transport and Mining Hon. Audley Shaw made the announcement during his contribution to the 2022/23 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on (Wednesday) April 27.

In 2022/2023, US$36 million is expected to be spent on phase three of the SIA runway extension, which is being financed from the Airport Improvement Fund (AIF).

“The programme, aspects of which commenced in 2018, has three elements, including runway and apron expansion, shoreline protection and enabling works. This runway extension project will increase the declared take-off run by approximately 400 metres to 3,060 metres, and provide runway end safety areas as mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organization [ICAO],” he said.

He added that this extension will enable the SIA to accommodate long-haul flights from destinations it cannot now serve, such as East Asia.

Additionally, MBJ is continuing its investment in the improvement and expansion of the facilities at SIA.

“Having invested just under US$300 million on capital projects since the commencement of the concession, the MBJ is slated to spend another US$150 million, which includes the continued expansion of the departure terminal and a three-megawatt solar power project. These projects will significantly improve the capacity and passenger experience at SIA, with the departure lounge set for completion in July,” Mr. Shaw said.

Meanwhile, PACKAL is in the process of implementing several projects at the NMIA, including a five-megawatt Solar Power Project at a cost of US$7.8 million, which will provide 75 per cent of the energy requirement of NMIA.

The first two megawatts, costing US$2.8 million, is set for completion in May, and the remaining three megawatts, costing US$5 million, will be completed by December.

Runway pavement improvements and rehabilitation works valued at US$4.5 million are slated to commence in June for completion by September.

Mr. Shaw said the AAJ is also undertaking several projects to improve infrastructure and general aviation in the country, including the NMIA/Port Royal Road Shoreline Protection Project at a cost of $555 million, which is expected to be completed by June 2023.

In addition, $130 million is to be spent on construction of a new fire station at the Ian Fleming International Airport, with construction slated for 10 months to end in December.

Approval was also granted to pursue the further development of a $100-million project to acquire and upgrade the Lionel Densham Aerodrome.

The AAJ is also to pursue the acquisition by lease of the Holland Bamboo airstrip to facilitate airlift to residents, and improved access to tourism attractions in the area, such as Appleton Estate and YS falls.


Source: https://jis.gov.jm/major-spending-planned-for-upgrade-of-airports/

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