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Kingston Creative and the creative economy

Creative economies include a broad set of activities that are both cultural and or based on substantial artistic and creative content. Currently, creative economies are a part of the most dynamic in the world.  The Caribbean region is well known for its cultural expression and creative products, but Kingston creative believes that the Jamaican capital is the creative capital of the Caribbean or at least they aim to make it such. The organization’s head Andrea Dempster-Chung along with her partners acknowledges that creative industries can be a catalyst for national development.  With this in mind, Kingston Creative has set out to achieve such through  their mission “ to enable Caribbean creative entrepreneurs to succeed by providing the necessary training, resources, and environment, so that as empowered entrepreneurs they can create economic and social value, gain access to global markets and have a positive impact on their local community.”

Kingston Creative is a nonprofit organization that “empowers Caribbean creatives and position downtown Kingston as a city destination ripe for exploration by people craving history, heritage, and culture”.  The organization has made major changes to the walls of structures in the downtown Kingston area. Artists are making these walls as their canvas which births paintings and murals that bring life to the streets of Kingston. A few of Kingston creative’s mission include:

“support artists, artisans, creatives and entrepreneurs to develop their practice and showcase their work in a sustainable way”

 “reposition Jamaica as a place that is actively investing in and developing its creative economy; thereby catalyzing growth in complementary areas including production, services, commerce, and entertainment.”  And

“regenerate the urban environment of downtown Kingston, using art to improve the space in which people live, work and play as well as where they think, invent and create.”  to name a few.

The efforts of Kingston creative are integral in knitting the social fabric of Jamaica. If we are to become a competitive global logistics hub or the place to live, work and do business then our people must also be revolutionized so too our infrastructure and cities. There is no linear approach to development and for Jamaica to become competitive globally we must adopt authentic and creative ways to achieve our goals.

The logistics centered economy that we aim for is not limited only to the moving of goods and services but, is part of a body that requires a coordinated effort. In other words, we need dynamism, creativity, and an all hands-on deck approach.  The aims of Kingston creative are intertwined with Jamaica’s goals to have sustainable cities by transforming marginalized communities and getting interested citizens to leverage and capitalize on their creativity.  It brings inspiration and in addition to that, it adds to the cultural aesthetic of our country.

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