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Business Acceleration Centre

What is the Business Acceleration Centre?

A Centre grounded in law to ensure that potential and existing SEZ stakeholders are able to operate smoothly and with minimal delays in their application process and day to day operations.

The Centre is mandated to be operated virtually (as we are doing now) and physically (as we were moving towards pre-COVID-19). This has severely affected the intended progress in the Authority’s mandate to ensure the continued growth of investments).

The centre is responsible for forming partnerships with private and public sector companies to ensure:

  • Business interests are harnessed
  • Growth is achieved for existing companies
  • Business continuity

The centre offers services primarily through its 2 arms of operations:

BAC Services

  • Assistance with entire process from start to finish
  • Providing clarity and guidance where needed
  • Business Plan suggestion or assistance
  • Dispatching operating certificated to the JCA & TAJ
  • Facilitation of expression of interest meetings
  • Providing meeting minutes and follow up for expression of interest clients.
  • Assistance with customs requests
  • Assistance with submission of documents
  • Dispatching of welcome packages
  • Provision of application kits
  • Assisting with communication between stakeholders, in house departments and partners
  • Providing SEZ status updates
  • Assistance with renewal of permits or applications
  • Contact personnel for all inquiries or complaints
  • Assistance with concept development
  • Startup directional assistance and recommendations