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Growth & Jobs | Trafalgar Travel launches international courier business

As the global pandemic forces many established businesses to reassess their modus operandi, Trafalgar Travel Limited (TTL) has launched a new division offering a service for Jamaicans who shop online and intend to send their purchases to Jamaica, called PeliPak.

When the effects of COVID-19 forced a re-examination of the way they operated last year, TTL explored starting its own full-courier service. They learnt the existing inefficiencies in the business locally and decided that if TTL were to offer a competitive international courier service, they would have to eliminate those inefficiencies.

“Even if travel returns to pre-COVID numbers, PeliPak will remain as a way of life for the future. There are many brands doing the service now, but with our 26 years dealing with carriers and our very strong relationship with them, we plan to exploit that connection that we already have with them,” Conrad Graham, chief executive officer, TTL, said.

These include twinning both travel and courier business so that customers will benefit and their shopping experience will be greatly enhanced. Once customers register on the site, they get a mailing address and can direct the supplier to drop/ship their packages at the PeliPak address in Florida. Packages can be sent to Florida from anywhere in the United States of America.

“The supplier of the purchase item usually determines the cost of shipping but some offer free shipping; usually it is not a significant sum. From our warehouse, packages are shipped to Jamaica and we clear them, and they can be picked up at any of our network of branches islandwide,” Graham explained.

The cost of the service is comparable to others in the business and there are no hidden charges. Large bulky items will be brought in by ship, which will take a longer delivery time. Once the pandemic is over and flights return to normal, packages will be brought in daily.


PeliPak will now give TTL’s customers another excellent service that is guaranteeing less hassle in the process. The recent launch took place among staff and family members, who tested the system to ensure all was well. All existing clients will now be invited to come on board, and then it will be rolled out to the general public in April.

The operation will in future be twinned with travel so it will benefit travellers whose packages will get to destinations hassle-free. They will be able to shop online, direct their packages to PeliPak’s Florida-based warehouse and then collect them in Jamaica. Trafalgar Travel will also provide dedicated parking spaces for customers who prefer curb-side pickup.


Like other businesses, the pandemic has caused staff cuts, but Graham is confident that the company will rise again. At the start, Graham said they approached all their creditors for moratoriums; places like the banks, landlords, and even government in terms of taxes, who were asked to give some form of relief, given the circumstances. The process was successful and like everyone else, they are waiting for the vaccines to be administered to the population, Graham said.

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