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Finance Ministry Hosts ‘Coffee And Conversations’

The Ministry of Finance and the Public Service will debut a new online series on Wednesday (May 18), dubbed ‘Coffee and Conversations’.

The series will allow members of staff at the Ministry to tell their stories of triumphs and adversities.

Manager of Public Relations at the Ministry, Shakiel Rochester Shorter, told JIS News that the initiative, conceptualised by the Corporate Communications and Public Relations Branch, will allow Jamaicans to “see the faces behind the Ministry”.

“The Ministry is an institution but the individuals behind it are people just like you and me. In fact, our public servants are citizens too. Coffee and Conversations is a programme that aims to highlight the experiences of our public servants by showcasing real stories with real people,” she noted.

Coffee and Conversations will be aired every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. on the Ministry’s YouTube channel.

Mrs. Rochester Shorter said that the public servants will share their achievements and, hopefully, inspire others to join the public sector and serve their fellow citizens in various capacities.

“This programme will be profiling public servants and their achievements, obstacles they overcame, benefits received from being a public servant and being involved in leadership, among other areas. Coffee and Conversations will be a light-hearted 10-minute chat in a relaxed environment, reminiscent of a coffee shop. These conversations are meant to be relatable to staff and the general population,” she told JIS News.

“It will also display the diversity within the Ministry, placing the Ministry as a centre of excellence in the eyes of Jamaicans, which supports the transformation efforts embarked upon by the organisation. Public servants will become more relatable through storytelling and sharing their experiences, as this programme is set to attract other individuals to the public sector,” she noted.

Aside from the personality interviews with public servants, the series will also address topics of interest with experts who are not on staff.

Members of the public are invited to view the series on the Ministry’s YouTube channel.


Source: https://jis.gov.jm/finance-ministry-hosts-coffee-and-conversations/

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