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The government is ensuring that the country’s progress in undertaking business environment reforms will guarantee competitive transaction costs, speed and predictability in the new logistics centered economy.

The GOJ is committed to the development of a National Single Electronic Window (STEW) experience to facilitate Jamaican trade. A Single Window is a facility that allows parties involved in trade and transport to submit standardized information and documents at a single entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements


The GOJ with support from our international development partners, namely the World Bank and IDB along with local stakeholders are making special efforts to support SMEs operating in Jamaica’s Global Logistics Hub to overcome the barriers to entry. Government will be facilitating economic activity related to the Logistics Hub Initiative in designated special economic zones (SEZ) spread across the country where industrial clusters supported by business development centers will be established linking large corporations and SMEs. In conjunction with the effort that has been placed on the provision of supporting infrastructure for the Logistics Hub focused attention will also be placed on the users of the facilities.

  1. Special Economic Zones nurturing industrial clusters with forward and backward linkages with the domestic economy.
  2. A business linkages program matching transnational’s with MSMEs
  3. Financially empowered, innovative , globally integrated MSMEs as a direct consequence of the implementation of the MSME and Entrepreneurship policy;
  4. A financial services center enhancing logistics transactions
  5. An national export strategy that takes account of importance of imports;
  6. A new industrial policy that will result in standards based developments that benefit from technology and knowledge transfer;
  7. Trade facilitation including modifications to Customs processes and implementation of Bali agreement on trade facilitation;
  8. The establishment of a single electronic window facility to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements for the trade facilitation and the rationalization of site inspections.
  9. Digital infrastructure inclusive of fibre optics networks, 4G mobile networks, the Internet Exchange point (IXP), Port community system, single electronic trade window, etc. ;
  10. Energy initiatives to industrial policy, e.g. waste to energy project;
  11. Global standards including ISO certification;
  12. Micro-financing policy linked to growth agenda;
  13. A motivated workforce armed with relevant skills that are internationally certified;
  14. Business development support for Entrepreneurs and innovators at widely dispersed small business development centers;
  15. A modern customs will support the logistic hub where customs must be present yet unobtrusive.
  16. Mentorship, leadership development and capacity building programs such as the Bureau of Standards of Jamaica (BSJ) Enterprise Jamaica,
  17. Engage consultants.
  18. Appoint representation from relevant ministries and agencies
  19. Establish a genuine, and effective one stop shop to enable investors to obtain quickly and easily all necessary permissions, approvals and licenses, and complete all other steps necessary to set up a business operation.
  20. Providing investment visas and access to Jamaican passports for investors and managers.
  21. Improving road access to logistics facilities
  22. Activate technical assistance available under bilateral agreements
  23. Obtain all existing studies, forecasts, master plans, reports related to logistics hub to avoid duplication of effort
  24. Conduct forecasts, feasibility studies and cost benefit analysis.
  25. Prepare geo-spacial map of logistics hub
  26. Prepare detailed master plan.
  27. Implement land zoning, acquisition and reservation for long term growth of logistics activities.
  28. Place stop orders on activities that encroach on logistics development zones.
  29. Take inventory of existing logistics facilities and where necessary package into investment grade projects.
  30. Ensure divestment process of NMIA takes into account impact of logistics initiative by factoring suitable air Cargo and Logistics center.
  31. Modify concession agreement for SIA to encourage development of logistics capabilities. The recommendation of the JCAA is that the Concession Agreement between the AAJ and MBJ Airports Limited is amended to allow for the airport operator to impose a cargo throughput charge and for this to be capped by the JCAA.
  32. Remove all capacity restrictions (if any) on the carriage of freight as belly hold cargo on charter and schedule carriers. The increased use of belly hold cargo capacity should result in a tumbling of freight prices with benefits to the export and light manufacturing sectors.
  33. Improve air connectivity by securing a strong regional carrier(s) with frequent passenger and freight services to Latin America and the Caribbean.
  34. Implement air cargo security regime in Jamaica with Regulated Agents that are certified for air cargo operations by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA). All air cargo should be shipped through a Regulated Agent as required by ICAO Standards. These Regulated Agents would be overseen by the airlines that engage them, with the JCAA providing audits of the regime.
  35. Cargo facilities including cold storage, should be built at both airports in order to establish expertise in air cargo logistics and center
  36. Restructure freezones to reap economies of scale/effort and to position for logistics activities.
  37. Introduce new framework and requirements for eligibility to locate in SEZs that overcome business environment, customs clearance difficulties and offers incentives.
  38. Develop logistics park to improve logistics capabilities of Port of Montego Bay.
  39. Prepare specific master plan for Caymanas Economic Zone and any other SEZ including the framework for a SEZ Authority.
  40. Integrate logistics centers operated by existing international enterprises such as Nestlé, Lascelles, Lasco, Tankweld and GraceKennedy and other bonded facilities.
  41. Prepare investment packages for KCT expansion, CEZ, Vernamfield, dry dock, commodity port etc.
  42. Facilitate establishment of floating dry dock as precursor to larger dry dock.
  43. Examine existing trade, open skies, and multilateral agreements and upgrade/ supplement accordingly.
  44. Creating a tailored Omnibus incentive package including low corporate and personal income tax for foreign firms and workers, and freedom to use foreign labour.
  45. Improving border efficiency and security
  46. Implement port community system and single electronic window. Funding for Technical Consultants (Idom-Portic Barcelona) has been identified to evaluate bids received from Bureau Veritas and SGS. Stage 1 Evaluation of Bids was completed in May 2013. Stage 2 Request for proposals to be issued in November 2013.
  47. Support institutions of higher education in developing training facilities and international school for logistics.
  48. Facilitate public private partnerships where applicable. Participate in respective enterprise and project teams.
  49. Create Jamaica logistics hub brand
  50. Conduct public awareness campaign
  51. Establish alliances/agreements with strategic regional trading partners.
  52. Action to reduce crime. Establishing special security arrangements for Logistics Zones.
  53. Ensuring adequate and reliable supply of power and water and that there is capacity in the offsite waste treatment and disposal infrastructure. The current electricity capacity must be upgraded and/ or the option of LNG explored.
  54. Facilitating establishment of an International Financial Center.
  55. Develop trade policy and plans that will facilitate the implementation of the logistics hub.
  56. Conduct legislative review to determine legislative agenda.
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