The Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)?
What is the established body that governs the SEZ Regime?
What is the role of the Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority?
How does the SEZ regime differ from the Free Zones?
What are the fiscal benefits?
What is the general designation procedures of SEZs
What are the general types of SEZs
Can Jamaican investors participate in the SEZ regime?
What are the benefits for Jamaican companies within the SEZ?
What is the minimum eligibility requirement for being granted status in an SEZ?
Is there a minimum eligibility requirement for a Special Economic Zone Developer?
Is there a minimum eligibility requirement for a Special Economic Zone Occupant?
What is a Single-Entity or Specialised SEZ
What is a Master Concession?
What is a Licence-Agreement?
What is Sub- Concession Agreement?
How can MSMEs benefit from SEZs?
How will existing Free Zone companies be affected?
What is the process for grandfathering my existing Free Zone benefits?
Can I apply to be a Developer, Occupant or Zone-User now?
Will SEZ companies have access to the domestic market?
Is there a list of preferred locations for the development of SEZs?
What is the application process for existing Free Zone entities (promoters and authorized enterprises) and first time SEZ Applicants?
How will backward and forward linkages be fostered between the SEZs and the local economy
What responsibilities will the entities within the SEZs have with respect to environmental protection?
Can existing businesses migrate to the SEZs?
What is the rationale for introducing the SEZ regime?
Are there any industry activities that cannot be performed in SEZs?
Are there any activities that are not allowed in the SEZs?